This Week on Pinterest!

Okay, so you’ll have to bear with me this week because I have a LOT of pins. I just found a lot of good things worth sharing this week!

Isn’t this beautiful?? It’s a bookstore in Paris. I just love it.

I couldn’t resist this little face!

Did you see the Glee engagement? This part was so sad, but I know how she feels!

This is apparently a great way to clean the stove grates – I’m always trying to get these clean, so I’m going to try it out!

Doesn’t this salad look gorgeous? I love a good salad!

I get choked up every time I read this – from Harry Potter. A great tat for someday, though probably not on the back of my neck!

Oh, how I wish my garden looked like this!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

It arrived today!! I had a cup of coffee after dinner!! Prepare for over-caffeinated posts!! 🙂

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

This is such a beautiful backyard. I don’t love the columns and the chandelier (or the chairs and table for that matter), but I love an outdoor fireplace, and the pergola, and all the plants!

I’m just going to have to do this with one of my sweaters. I do have red felt lying around….

I chuckle every time I read this. I mean, seriously, if I woke up and Channing Tatum said we were married? Okay, great!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I just love doorways. I pinned a bunch this week, and love to photograph them myself as well!

If you haven’t watched Kristen Bell talk about her boyfriend bringing her a sloth for her birthday (just to visit, not to stay), you MUST watch this. It is hilarious, and even though I’ve been a big Kristen Bell fan for a while, I love her a little more after this!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

What a great idea! Though I’d have to find some other kind of can to use since I don’t eat tuna…


And your weekly Daniel picture! Can’t wait for Skyfall to come out!!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

This is a great app for us handy homeowners – it allows you to save your measurements in the house to your iPhone or iPad.  I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I will be!

Although it would be totally impractical for me (my dogs are short, but they’re not THAT short, and they only have so much willpower when it comes to not snagging things off the coffee table), I just love this idea.

True story.

I also love this. Can you sense a theme? I mean, how can you not love the “underground” drawer pulls! Ack!

I should try this idea too – I put the pot lids in my new hutch, and it’s fine for now, since I don’t use many lids, but it takes up a lot of space, and it’s a hassle.


5 thoughts on “This Week on Pinterest!

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  2. ohhhhh. I had a hard time realizing what that tattoo said, and then realized that is the moment in HP8 when I’m on my knees in front of the TV, bawling.

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