A Rhine Valley Weekend

Wow, I am so far behind in my posting! I had grand plans of writing a series of posts during the flight home, and I did…for my professional blog.

Alas, the personal blogs have suffered.

So although I’d love to go into great detail about my weekend in the Rhine Valley for one of our client’s weddings, my mind is a sieve these days, and I can’t recall all of the lovely moments. Instead, I’ll share with you the links to some of my photos:

Mercifully, my travel has slowed down for the time being, though it picks up again shortly. In May, I’ll be headed to Washington, DC twice – first, to host a lunch for some of our clients, and then for our annual conference. Memorial Day weekend, I’m heading up to Saratoga, NY with some college girlfriends for a ladies’ weekend since two of us can’t make it to our 10 year reunion in June. June is then filled with wedding-y type stuff, as my sister gets married at the end of the month.

This fall, I’m headed to Lake Placid for a good friend’s wedding in September, Madrid in September/October for the first time for our European meeting, followed by a week long trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico for another good friend’s wedding (I am counting the days until this one – first real “away” vacation in about six years!) and then to Panama in November for our Americas meeting. So stay tuned for lots of posts!


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