Spring has Sprung!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I know, and admittedly, I’m not back to running.

I’ll get there, I know I will.

It turned out that I did have bronchitis, and it seems to take me longer and longer to get over it each time (I guess that’s not surprising). But with spring being in the air, I have felt a bit of cabin fever lately, so I have been working out…more on that in a minute.

As I mentioned in my last post, I joined Weight Watchers. I’d finally decided that I’d had enough of the scale going up, and that I needed to do something about it. And I have to say, the points system works really well for me! I’ve lost just over ten pounds since I started, which I’m very excited about.  I have a bunch more to lose, but I’m trying to look at it in small increments so I don’t get overwhelmed. And there are days (and weeks actually), that I don’t eat particularly well, but I’m mostly sticking within my points, and still losing, even if it’s just a half a pound here and there. So I’m on the right track!

I’ve been struggling a bit with one of my dogs lately – his exuberance is overwhelming, and it seems sometimes that no matter what I do, I can’t tire him out! We’ve been having a lot of trouble with him digging in my yard, and destroying my garden. My mom read that digging happens when a dog is bored, and that they need at least two walks a day (thirty minutes each). Since they’re basset hounds, I’m doing two walks of twenty minutes each instead (and sometimes, my older guy only gets one), so I’ve been getting probably an extra 25 minutes of walking in every day this week. Ollie needs it, and I need it.

He’s still not that tired, I have to admit, though I sure am.

In addition, it occurred to me earlier in the week that the convenience store up the road is just…well, up the road. So I thought I’d see how long it actually takes me to walk there, rather than driving.

Six minutes.

Seriously. I’ve been driving, when I could have been walking.

Now, bad weather is one thing, but although it’s been a bit cool around here, it’s still been pretty lovely. So I have no excuses. I’ve walked over there a few times this week to get a sandwich, and it’s been great to add an extra mile a day to my walks with the pups. And on top of that, I started lifting some free weights at home on Wednesday (nothing major, just three pounders and once in a while eight) so that I can start to get my arms in better shape. I’m planning to do that three days a week, and alternate with toning other areas of my body on the off days to balance it out. Last night was back, so tonight I’m doing arms again.

And Wednesday and Thursday, I rode my recumbent bike for 35 minutes and sweated up a storm. I forgot how great it feels to push myself so hard, which motivates me to keep it up. Today, since I’ve sort of made a pact with myself not to drive anywhere that’s pretty close, I decided I would bike to the post office.

I figured that I’d done the recumbent bike two nights in a row, about 8-9 miles each time, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I knew roughly what the distance was because I’ve biked most of it before to go to the farmer’s market. I take the back roads because the main road gets up to a 45mph speed limit, and I’d like to survive my bike rides.

I set out, and realized pretty quickly that I’d a) forgotten my water at home and b) it wasn’t as warm as I thought. Also, it was windy. Like, lowest gear on the bike, feeling like I’m riding in place windy. Awesome.

But I’m fairly stubborn, so although I wanted to turn back within the first half mile, I just kept going. And kept going. The last part of the trip is fairly uphill – not major hills, but when you haven’t been working out very much, it all feels like major hills. But minus having to walk my bike across the little bridge (there’s a sign that tells you to), I rode the whole way. And the whole way back. 8.71 miles baby.

So it’s been a good week for workouts, though my legs are definitely complaining tonight. It’s not even so much that they’re sore, but that they’re so tired they’re not cooperating. Man, that’s a good feeling.

My plan is to focus on the bike for the next few weeks, because I can ride it at night in the house (the stationery one, don’t picture me riding around my house on a mountain bike) and that will get me really back into the swing of working out regularly. Then I’m going to start running, and I’m hoping that the cycling will give me some extra power in my legs. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be ready for this year’s River to Bay run (Bridge to Bay? I never remember the exact race name), but I am planning to do the Rock and Roll half this fall. So I’ve got to get my butt in gear!


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