Eep, A Hiatus!

I took an unintended hiatus from non-work-related blogging! But I’m back. And while I wasn’t blogging, I also wasn’t sitting on my couch – yay! I am still not running…I just can’t seem to find the motivation for it right now, and with the humidity being so ridiculous lately, I’m thinking it’s going to be more of a fall start for me.  But I have been kicking my butt in other ways.

With the exception of the last week, I’ve been walking the pup three miles a day religiously – he needs it and loves it, so it’s not like he lets me forget! This week was different because he had sprained his leg, so the vet put the kibosh on walking, and it was SO hot that it would have been cruel to walk the little guy. I did take him on a couple of short walks once he was feeling better, and we actually got a full 1.6 miles in today! We’ve also been taking an obedience class on Monday nights for the past five weeks, which totally exhausts him – lots of hard work! Continue reading


Spring has Sprung!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I know, and admittedly, I’m not back to running.

I’ll get there, I know I will.

It turned out that I did have bronchitis, and it seems to take me longer and longer to get over it each time (I guess that’s not surprising). But with spring being in the air, I have felt a bit of cabin fever lately, so I have been working out…more on that in a minute.

As I mentioned in my last post, I joined Weight Watchers. I’d finally decided that I’d had enough of the scale going up, and that I needed to do something about it. And I have to say, the points system works really well for me! I’ve lost just over ten pounds since I started, which I’m very excited about.  I have a bunch more to lose, but I’m trying to look at it in small increments so I don’t get overwhelmed. And there are days (and weeks actually), that I don’t eat particularly well, but I’m mostly sticking within my points, and still losing, even if it’s just a half a pound here and there. So I’m on the right track! Continue reading

Stops and Starts

I had intended to write this post about two weeks ago, but you know what they say about the best laid plans!

I’ve finally decided to do something about the extra weight I’ve put on. Because I’m tall, it hasn’t been too terribly noticeable, except to me. But I’m on an upward trend that I don’t like, so the time to make some changes is now. A friend of mine has had great success with Weight Watchers, so I’ve joined and committed to the points system.  It’s not easy, but I’ve lost about 5 pounds already. I’m too embarrassed to admit my total goal (though I can admit that for my height, I’m officially 7 pounds over a healthy weight – two pounds now), but once I’ve lost the weight, I might be willing to.

Part of the points system is exercise – you can get more food points for the day by moving your body, which makes sense.

I’ve been traveling now for the past twelve days (I’m currently writing this in Word while on my last of 8 flights in that time period – I think we’ve got about two hours to go!), and having to pack for three different climates meant that I couldn’t fit my sneakers. I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking, and it turned out that a few days into the trip, I picked up a nasty flu/cold bug that would have kept me from doing any running anyway, but I still wish I’d been able to. Continue reading

And Frustration Sets In

So, I mentioned last week that I was taking the week to find my motivation and get ready for the running this week.  I managed to get a lot of sleep over the weekend, and was feeling pretty good on Saturday and Sunday, and I worked my butt off on some home projects (I forget what a full body workout that can be!).

In the course of painting my kitchen on Sunday (you’ll thinking I’m making this up, but I’m really just this klutzy), I was feeling frustrated because my puppy was “helping” a little too closely and I ended up sticking him in his crate, where he howled and howled (which drives me slowly but surely insane).  I was trying to channel my inner serenity and just continue painting, but as I stood up from painting behind the stove, I cracked my head on the bottom of the microwave.

Man, I haven’t hit my head like that in a long time, if ever. I immediately fell to my knees crying because it hurt so badly. Continue reading

I Haven’t Quit! Just a Refocusing…

I apologize for my lack of posting lately…

I decided to take this week to re-group a little.  I’ve been dealing with an uptick in my migraines lately, and just feeling exhausted all the time, so I thought I’d take this week to focus a little bit more on resting and nutrition, and get back to running fresh on Monday.  That’s the plan!

It’s unfortunate, because we had two beautiful and warm days here this week…and I had a migraine on both of those days.  But such is life, and there will be more beautiful days to come, I’m sure.  Let’s hope that February proves to be mild so that I can really focus on my running!

Starting Monday, I plan to re-start week 2 of the Couch to 5k and I need to start going to the local yoga studio that just opened – sitting at my desk has been killing my back again, and I think yoga would really help to strengthen the muscles there! I hate starting new things in public (running is perfect, because I do it on my own!), so I’m hoping that outing myself about it here on the blog will force me to go! Continue reading

Head Cold, Humidity and Going Dark Tomorrow

No running today. I was right about having to wait for the furnace guy – he called at 3 to tell me that the part won’t be in until tomorrow or Thursday “at the latest.” Fortunately, it was mild here today – weird to go from 5 degrees to 54 degrees (that’s the temp right now!) and crazy humid. My favorite.

Plus, I woke up with the beginnings of a head cold, which have progressed throughout the day.  So I’m taking a short hiatus, drinking OJ, eating chicken noodle soup fresh from Shoprite, and hoping for the best so that running is happening by the end of the week. You know those COPD commercials where the woman is lying on the couch with an elephant on her chest? Yup, that’s how I felt when I woke up this morning.  Lucky I still have an inhaler!

At any rate, no post from me tomorrow – I’m going dark to protest SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, along with many others, including WordPress and even Google. Here’s my take on why, over at – let’s hope the government takes this protest to heart, or my blogs will have to go! Continue reading


Okay, so I needed a couple of days to regroup and find my motivation again.

Plus, it has been all kinds of crazy cold. Like 5 degrees when I got up this morning cold.

Although, that’s not nearly as bad as Lake Placid, where a dear friend of mine lives…and where it was -25 when she got up this morning.  Yes, you read that right. -25. I would never run there!

I have been walking the pups daily, so I’m not a total couch potato, but that has also reinforced why I haven’t run – because it’s so cold, my lungs have definitely been suffering. You may remember that I had the bronchitis just last year (I really thought it had been longer than that, but no), and I’ve had bronchitis more times than I can count, and pneumonia four times (or five? I can’t remember), and both of those things do a great job of scarring your lungs.

So my lungs hate the cold. Continue reading

A Migraine-y Day

Both because it was STILL cold and windy and because I had a migraine today, the run didn’t happen. Tonight, I’m feeling less like I’m *being* run over and more like I’ve *been* run over, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be up for a run.  I’m a little frustrated that for two weeks, I’ve only done two runs a week, but I’ll get back into the swing of things, I’m sure.

I’m excellent at beating myself up for not meeting every single goal I set for myself, so I just have to realize that there will be bad days and good days, runs and no runs, and it will all even out in the end.

Tomorrow’s another day!

Off Days

I was SO glad that today was an off running day because today was COLD and WINDY here.  And not just a little breezy, but windy enough for the Christmas tree that I put out by the curb to end up two houses away!

I definitely would have skipped my run today.

I did, however, skip the bike today. I should have done it, but I ended up running around like a crazy woman getting the tree down and out, cleaning up after said tree, and FINALLY putting my Christmas decorations away. I know, it’s late, but I only just got the motivation to do it today.  Fortunately, I was less tired again today, which was nice for a change!

I’m considering my workout to be the gajillion trips up and down the attic and main stairs I took holding heavy boxes of holiday decorations. I can definitely feel it in my back and my thighs! Plus, I walked both my boys (110 pounds of pure basset hound!) for almost a mile. So at least I wasn’t a couch potato today!

Tomorrow is a running day, so I’m just hoping that the weather and wind cooperates. As you know, I don’t so much mind the cold as the wind! I was so cold after I got back from walking the dogs today that I couldn’t feel my face or my thighs! On the plus side, the cold weather gloves I got last year for running and photography purposes worked excellently! Continue reading

Stickin’ With It

Got up this morning and put on my running clothes…I really have to wear them to bed so I can get an extra five minutes of sleep!…and I was ready to run.  I feel like a cheater because I’m still so early on in the couch to 5k plan, but I’ve run before, and competed in 5 and 10k’s, so maybe it’s okay to call myself a runner.

At any rate, the weather was pretty warm today, even though it was spitting rain on and off, so it was great running weather. I couldn’t have guessed I’d be running in a tee shirt and capri leggings in January! But I went out and went after it and was glad that I did. Starting off I remembered why I really like running – I was feeling great!

However, the tireds are definitely back – I was EXHAUSTED all day today, both before and after the run, and still a few hours later.  It’s starting to get annoying. And I’ve tweaked my ankles a bit (reinforcing my belief that my running form isn’t so hot), so it’s good that tomorrow is an off day. I think thirty minutes on the bike tomorrow will be good PT for the ankles and will stand me in good stead for a run on Saturday.  It’s supposed to be chilly this weekend, but that’s okay – it looks like it won’t be below thirty, so I’ll be fine! Continue reading